You’ll Scream for This Man

Carnagie Lee, ice cream man.

Jamaican native Carnagie Lee is the man of the hour at Sunset Key Cottages, a seven-minute boat ride from Key West. Look for him and the Conch Cruiser among the 27-acre resort’s homes and residences starting at 3 PM daily.

Favorite feature of the Conch Cruiser? The bell: Everyone knows it means ice cream time.

Estimated cruising speed: A very easygoing three miles per hour.

What are we in for, flavor-wise? Vanilla bean, salted caramel, and chocolate gelato, plus mango and raspberry sorbets. Salted caramel is the most popular.

The scoop on sorbet versus gelato customers: Kids get gelato – they don’t count calories. Adults go for the sorbet; I’m a mango sorbet man.

Occupational hazards: If a pack of kids starts chasing after you, watch out: You could hit a hermit crab.

Worst accident so far: The chain guard came off once, and the chain ate my perfectly white pants.

Number of kids who have requested a ride on the box: Most of them.

Anything you’d like to tell your ice-cream-delivering peers? Speak with a Jamaican accent – people seem to like your ice cream more!



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You’ll Scream for This Man

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