We’re Obsessed With…Phlur, A New Way of Buying Perfume Online


You may not be able to smell perfume online, but a new company, Phlur, has created an immersive digital experience to find your favorite of six unisex – and honestly, irresistible – scents. They are all sustainably made from start to finish, and are allergen-, paraben-, and cruelty-free.

The story behind every fragrance appeals to travelers, with scents evoking different destinations, like an early morning walk through Central Park (Olmsted & Vaux) or the earthiness of New England (Greylocke). Moab conjures the desert’s open road, and Hepcat is a smoky, deep scent that elicits trendy Brooklyn neighborhoods. Hanami is Japanese for cherry blossom, and Siano smells like a tropical vacation, made in part with Brazilian orange oil, extracted by the power of renewable ethanol from locally-grown cane sugar at a plant in Sorocaba, Brazil that employs hundreds of local residents.

If I had to pick, my favorites are Olmsted & Vaux (which several friends have commented on) and Siano. The bottles themselves, weighty and solid, are satisfying to pick up, a moment of indulgence in the rush of a morning routine.

As founder Eric Korman, former president of Ralph Lauren Digital and Global E-Commerce says, “I love fragrance. What I don’t love is how it’s sold. Or typically made. Or packaged. Or really anything about it besides how it makes us feel. So we began PHLUR to fix all that and, honestly, I think we have.”

Korman understands that it may seem strange to buy fragrance online, but points out that ten years ago, it was strange to buy shoes online and, five years ago, to buy glasses online.

Try it before you commit: Three 2mL bottles with any scent of your choice cost $15 – enough for a month of fragrance. If you love one, you can apply that $15 to the $85 price of a full 50 mL bottle within 30 days. Or consider buying the $15 viles as a takelaong travel fragrance.

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We’re Obsessed With…Phlur, A New Way of Buying Perfume Online

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