Summer Trend: Crazy Fun Pool Floats


Forget your basic raft-style flotation device – the accessory for summer 2017 is a comical, colorful, and large pool float, in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Our editorial director, Elaine Srnka, spotted this swan float at her local Neiman Marcus store in Fort Worth. The $128 beauty by Gray Malin sold out locally in hours, but you can still snag yours online.

swan float
Swan Float (Photo: Elaine Srnka).

Whether you float at home, or deflate to make a travel-friendly, packable float, these inflated lovelies will provide hours of pool bliss – and perhaps your most-liked social media posts.

Here are some other favorites, new for summer 2017:

Avocado, $24.99

Cactus,, $29.99

cactus float
Cactus float.

Peacock,, $24.99

peacock float.
Peacock float.

Rainbow Float, $56

Banana Float, $60

Top Photo: Mermaid float from

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Summer Trend: Crazy Fun Pool Floats

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